Soldiers aren’t heroes

Soldiers fight for an external sense of duty and obligation, thus they are not heroes, but servants. Heroes, however, pursue virtue or righteousness from their own heart. The soldier merely serves the nation and protects its interests, while the hero does what is right for him, and because he wants to.

If we ever believe they are heroes, then that’s exactly what society wants you to think. Society wants you to believe in acting in service to society as highest ideal, and thus that a hero is someone who works for the common good of society, whereas a true hero serves only the virtue of his heart.

You cannot make a hero of a servant, for a servant does nothing but follow a master.


5 responses to “Soldiers aren’t heroes

  1. In America it’s always about “support the troops!” and it annoys me the way people idolize these men. I respect that what they do is not easy work and many risk their lives, but nobody forces you to join the military! Also, they don’t “protect our freedom” as so many proclaim, if that we’re the case they’d be home protecting, instead they’re in other countries delivering on the orders of these egotistical politicians who want to rule the world.

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