My sister’s egotism strikes again

Yesterday I went to my aunt’s for lunch. We ended being there for hours, during which we went into the other room to play quiz games. Family members, such as myself, were split into two teams, and we competed for points.

It was just a harmless family game until everyone started yelling, and my sister unveiled her massive egomania. Her team won, but they were such terrible egotistical winners that I couldn’t stand it. Sure, I can be arrogant, but not at her level of bratty egomania. She doesn’t ever listen to what I had to say, or my brother.

Here’s a difference, for your benefit, between egoistic philosophy and egotism. Egoism holds that all actions are motivated by self-centered desires, that all actions are for one’s own sake. Egotism on the other hand is just you being a massive asshole. Imagine massive amounts of arrogance and assholishness, combined with not listening to anyone. That’s basically egotism, and my sister.

I bet she doesn’t even know what I’m talking about, much less care. Come to think of it, I don’t think my family gets me at all. The sad thing is they all think I’m just being a sore loser, but I’m not mad that I lost the quiz game (which I wouldn’t have cared for anyway). I’m mad at the repulsive behavior of my family members. The game was just harmless competition until she started yelling at people and being an obnoxious brat, and then everyone else yelling at each other pointlessly.

Make me wish for a more compassionate person in my life a lot more.


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