Thoughts on the Bible TV series

For a month, the Bible TV series (which aired on the History Channel in America) had aired in the UK. The first three episodes aired on November 30th, December 7th, and December 14th respectively, and the last two aired just last weekend. While I am aware that this is basically just religious tripe, I watched it anyway for two reasons:

  1. The whole Obama Satan thing.
  2. The promise that the show might be epic

The series is actually pretty epic, despite the fact it’s basically propaganda. But then, the actual Bible can be said to be an epic story even in spite of its nature as a propaganda book. All that shit aside, lets focus on the series.

Immediately the first thing I hate is that, whenever I watch the series, I have to deal with those fucking excruciating Christian sponsor ads (whose who watched the show in the UK will know what I mean). But that’s the least of matters.

The first episode deals with the first part of the Old Testament, from Genesis to the beginning of Exodus. It skips the Adam and Eve story through Noah telling the story to some people in the Ark, and starts with part of the Noah’s Ark story, so it doesn’t really bother with those two stories much, which is kinda stupid to me.

The second episode deals with the Israelite conquest of the Holy Land. Now, believe it or not, this is actually my favorite episode and the most epic of the three. Why? Well Biblical war tends to be pretty epic, and you have that whole game of kings here. But most importantly, this episode has Samson. The way the show’s depicted him, I’d say he’s the best character you will ever see here. Just look at him. He’s strong, and quite the badass, and engages in many mighty feats until he dies.

In the third episode, after we see the Babylonian exile, it’s all about Jesus from here, starting with his birth and his early life.  The entire fourth episode is devoted to the mission of Jesus, as well as his eventual betrayal, and the first half of the last episode is all about Jesus’ death and resurrection. Trust me, it tends to go downhill when we start emphasizing Jesus. To be honest, the “Obama Satan” in the actual show isn’t nearly as hilarious as the Internet had me believe. And if you’ve seen the last episode, then you might as well have seen The Passion of the Christ.

All in all, I find the series is watchable, despite basically being Christian tripe. It can be epic, but kinda gets less so later, but the drama is definitely there.

After this post, I will be taking a break from posting for Christmas time until December 28th. So I wish everyone a merry, festive, and indulgent Yule season, and to all a good night.


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