Young anti-capitalism

In recent times, it has become popular to criticize capitalism, to see it as society’s greatest evil. Anti-capitalist sentiment and left-wing politics have become popular among many young people in this day and age. Usually, I don’t give a flying fuck about economy, but I know a bullshit trend when I see one.

Too often we forget that capitalism itself is not the problem. It’s the people who were greedy and who rolled the dice too many times who caused our problems. Why not just focus on punishing them instead of using the greed of some idiots to justify an attempt at creating a socialist utopia? Look, there is nothing wrong with punishing people who get greedy (if anything I’d probably be the guy who went too far), or with wanting to clean up after their mess, but we will not solve anything with trendy left-wing bullshit. And there’s nothing wrong with trying to undo the cheapening of life by commercialism, or with opposing excessive commercialism, but trendy leftism won’t solve our problems.


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