Video games are not against women

Often times we hear some rancid feminist crap about how video games are sexist and objectify women. The people who claim this have obviously only ever played so few games that feature female characters, or have only seen the sexy side of gaming and hate it because they are total pussies.

If Lara Croft and Dead or Alive aren’t the only games you play that have women in them, you’ll notice plenty of games that, while they have male protagonists, they have plenty of female characters that have good personalities and are even strong too. Have any of those pigs trying to discredit games ever played a role-playing game before? Huh? Or do they just not care enough for their own baseless arguments to play them? Hell, in a lot of video games, women aren’t just filler characters. They have personalities and they are often strong.

In fact, regarding people who think video games belittle women, I’ll be surprised if Tomb Raider wasn’t the only game they ever played. I’ll also be surprised if Tomb Raider, Oneechanbara, Dead or Alive, Mortal Kombat, or Grand Theft Auto, was the only side of gaming they ever saw.

And besides, video games do not objectify women. No one does except for those who actually do view women as little more than objects or property, and I highly doubt many sane-minded people actually do. Who would, save for the pimps, or anyone who is nothing more than a wretched user of women?

Even if you tried to create a female character who you think goes against the trend of sexualization, so what? She’ll still be made into a sexy star by fans, or at least get lots of sexy fan art, whether the artist likes it or not, because we will always like seeing sexy video game characters.


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