Thoughts on the “War on Christmas”

Yep, looks like it’s that time of year again.

We all know that Christmas is coming, but something else is following the season, just as it always has been lately. I’m talking about the so-called “War on Christmas”. Only in America do we have some right-wing farce about how secular progressivism is out to destroy Christmas.

Yes, every year we have to deal with a giant and loud manifestation of the Christian persecution complex. That’s basically all this “war” is. These God-fearing fools want you to believe they’re being persecuted and that their traditions are being threatened, when in reality no one is preventing anyone from putting up a Christmas tree, signing carols, or even just saying Merry fucking Christmas, regardless of what religion or ethnicity they happen to be, because we all know that only dicks do that. To be honest, if these Fox News types had it their way, they’d force everyone to put up a Christmas tree or do the some things even if they have different traditions or have a different ethnic traditional background.

Christians also seem to be under the delusion that Christmas belongs to them. It was never theirs. Christmas, or Yule, is actually a pagan holiday, but we dressed it up as a Christian celebration in order to more easily give ourselves over to that faith. Why do Christians even care about defending a tradition that isn’t even theirs anyway? Some of these Christians are the same people who view Christmas as nothing more than a day of indulgence and Baal-worship.

If you ask me, if there really is a war on Christmas, then the Christians started it a long time ago by trying to claim Christmas as their own and turn it into a Christian holiday.

Honestly, I think we should get those Christians off of their high horse.


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