My feelings on Christmas

That’s not my house, or my dog, but it all looks amazing.

It’s only over a week to go until Christmas, and in that spirit, let me tell you what I think of Christmas. You know, besides it being a pagan holiday with nothing to do with Christianity.

Christmas is still a holiday I can get excited about and look forward, enough that I’ll get up ridiculously early for and engage in crap tons of festivity, though for me, the presents I can get aren’t really as big a deal as they were back when I was a kid. Filling up a Christmas list these days is kind of a hassle considering I don’t quite know what to ask for these days, though I eventually work it out. It also doesn’t mean much if I’m at the age where I can just buy games at any time, especially after the Christmas cards from my folks start rolling in.

The holiday music isn’t that bad, unless you’re talking about those excruciating Christmas pop songs, especially the X Factor Christmas “hit”. You know, I hope they actually succeed in getting Highway to Hell to be the number 1 for Christmas instead of the next X   Factor crap anthem.

In the Christmas season, I get to watch a lot of movies (not really festive movies, real movies) and play video games a lot, and on Christmas Eve I see my folks for a seafood feast. This adds much merriment, indulgence, and festivity to a festival that is all about these things.

I do try to celebrate Christmas in a pagan manner, mostly with the knowledge that Christmas (a.k.a. Yule) in its pagan form is the same holiday we commonly celebrate just without the Christian pretensions. Really I celebrate Christmas in both the pagan way, by celebrating the same holiday as the pagan holiday it always was without the pretensions of Christianity, and the satanic way, which means being aware that its a festival of indulgence and being proud of it.

Lastly, don’t ever pretend to me that it’s about “peace on earth”, because I can’t stand these pretensions.

All-in-all, I still like Christmas and look forward to it, and growing older won’t stop that.


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