I never really liked the zombie trope, or cared about it. I might just be my aversion to all things undead and deformed (though undead creatures can sometimes be fun to work with in fiction). That or I feel it serves no purpose but to entertain those who emotionally fap to horror.

The zombie trope is also basesless. There’s no way the whole zombie apocalypse thing will happen, and even if it did happen, it’s not gonna last very long. There’s so many ways for zombies to die because they’re just walking bags of meat that can’t feel pain. That means they would notice it when all kinds of animals try to take a bite of their rotting flesh. To add to that, they can’t handle the heat or the cold, and it’s pretty damn easy to kill them all over again. And if we’re talking about zombies biting people so they become zombies, biting is actually a stupid way to spread a disease, since you could easily avoid it. To add to that, they’ll most likely just drop back to being lifeless, non-animated corpses again. All you’d have to do in that situation is stay in your homes for a while, then go outside and grab a rake to scoop those corpses off your lawn. So any depiction of zombies as anything other than just weak, walking piles of lifeless rotting flesh is stupid.

A necromancer animating a corpse to do his bidding might be fine though.

All-in-all, I’m just not very into the whole zombie thing, and dislike the glamorization of zombies.

PS: Here’s a fun fact. Did you know that Zombie was the name of African snake deity or fetish. He is associated with water and fertility and is often personified as the rainbow serpent (or Zombi-Damballah).


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