How to celebrate Christmas if you’re a Satanist

Some of you may have heard that I’m a Satanist, and may be asking, “how does a Satanist celebrate Christmas?”. Fear no more if you are, I aim to tell you how this is possible, and how this is no contradiction.

For starters, we don’t celebrate the Christian holiday, the one that celebrates Jesus. We celebrate a time of great indulgence and festivity, primarily for its own sake. We celebrate Christmas the same way most people do, just without all the Christian pretense. We feast, we open presents, we party, we get festive, but we don’t celebrate the birth of Jesus.

Second, we’re aware that Christmas is basically a pagan holiday, only in this society it has Christian pretensions and added commercialism. However, we celebrate it in an essentially Satanic fashion, which basically means secular indulgence with no pretensions, though ideally without killing ourselves via over-indulgence, and still taking responsibility for ourselves.

We also don’t pretend that Christmas is a day for “peace on earth”. That would be just as stupid as pretending it was about Jesus.

Lastly, we don’t believe in a Satan Claus, or that Satan delivers presents to your house instead of Santa Claus and sends bad kids to hell. Plenty of Satanists are elite atheists. I myself am not, and I still don’t believe in a satanic Santa Claus. That’s just silly.


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