The greatest delusion of the civilized world

The chief delusion of the civilized world is the idea that we no longer have to fight for anything. In reality, we must still struggle for our survival, for that is the way it has always been.

But it doesn’t stop there. If you don’t want to be absorbed by conformity, then you must fight for your individuality, and be strong. You must defend and hold on to your soul if you wish to keep it.

If you do not stand guard of your soul, self, and mind, you will be lost in the sea of society and conformity. You must always defend your individuality, not just believe in it, or it will be lost in the sea of voices trying to tell you how to live.

Besides that, conflict still exists even in the civilized world, and we still are the same animals we were a long time ago, just more intelligent. The energy for conflict is always there. In fact, in this world, denial and self-repression only seems to make things worse for our species, especially when trying to repress our animal self comes back to bite us in the ass.

The false sense of security attained from the lie leads us to gradually let go of everything we need to be free, convinced that we no longer need to fight, when in reality, we always will. The delusion that we don’t have to fight for anything also leads us not to fight for our youth and spirit, alongside our individuality, thus we lose it and surrender because we are tricked into not fighting for it.

If we continue believing this lie, the same cycle of oppression and ignorance will always rule.

2 responses to “The greatest delusion of the civilized world

  1. With easy access to food, water and oil the delusion of security beguiles the many who take life for granted. The clouds of chaos are gathering in the distant future, and will be a hard wake up call for many.

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