A salute to the noble British defenders of liberty

Today, I heard about a campaign to oppose David Cameron’s plans to control the Internet by voicing our opposition on social media via the tag #CensoredUK. I’ve been following the porn filter story for some time, and between summer and now I feared that nothing was being done about it. But today, that analysis changed.

Over the course of today, the campaign has been proving successful. Tons and tons of people have been voicing their opposition to David Cameron’s plans to control the Internet, myself included (and rather vehemently), and online news has begun to take notice. Though we still have yet to see the results, I feel confident that today the online masses in the UK have made an impact.

Forgive the patriotism, but I have never been so proud of my country in my life. I don’t think I’ve ever been as proud of this country and its people as I am now. You people have proven to me that you are willing to fight the noble fight for freedom and liberty, that you will not be oppressed, and that you will refuse and resist.

Because of this, I salute you! Bless the people of this country for what they’ve done. May we continue to fight for our freedom and never let our guard down.

If you have not heard of this campaign and would like to learn more, here’s a link: http://sexandcensorship.org/2013/12/censoreduk-censored-uk-twitter-day-of-action/


One response to “A salute to the noble British defenders of liberty

  1. It is delusional that anyone can control the internet, nobody can unless they intend to control every server that runs the internet in every nation. It only requires two servers to create a form of internet. The reason why USA liked the internet is that a nuclear attack can’t knock it out.

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