Enough with the Pope Francis hype!

I’ve had enough of hearing about Pope Francis, and then yesterday I had heard that Pope Francis had been nominated “Person of the Year”. Of course, this is all just an appeal to the pope’s popularity.

The new pope’s liberal attitude and saintly demeanor is nothing more than a ploy by the Catholic Church to win more followers and redeem its image after it was endangered by the last one: Pope Palpatine Benedict XVI. But apparently, people are taking this ploy.

All this pope has ever done is tell people what they want to hear and put on a show. Even if they actually manifest as actions, this is all just a part of the church’s campaign to restore its image. To take any of this seriously is to fall for the trick. The Pope might disagree, but then again he would, after all it’s his job to keep up the act.

Really why should we care? Why do we need a role model like him? Why should we care about some old guy in white robes trying to run our lives?

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