Mario is overrated

Mario is one of the most popular and beloved video game characters of all time. But of course, you already know that if you don’t live under a rock. But I’m not really a person who buys into it.

Yes, I have played Mario games that I like and remember from my childhood, and Mario (or more or less Nintendo) was the saviour of video games, but for me that’s it. The old titles are not bad games (in fact, they can be said to be classics), but Mario for me simply did not age well, and I am not interested in the particular universe of the series. And the same story repeats over and over and over again, and very often new games come out that are basically the same thing. Though in fairness, not all games are like that. Super Mario Galaxy was a revolution, though it’s sequel did not improve a lot, and I think Super Mario 3D World might just shake things up.

The worst thing about the series is that the same damn thing gets put out over and over again, and millions of people still adore the stagnant series and call it ice cream. Such is the popularity of Mario that people will buy the next Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games or Mario Party, or the next same damn thing that was the same thing as last year.

This has got to stop soon. The stagnation can’t go on forever. The only Mario survives at its current rate is because of its cult-like status as gaming icon, even though it continues not prove himself worthy anymore.


3 responses to “Mario is overrated

  1. It’s like this with a lot of things. On one hand you have the people who will buy into anything for it’s nostalgic aspects, and then you have the gaming companies that capitalize on any “new” version they can come up with. I feel that there are many things that should be left behind to make space for new creative ideas and in this case, gaming characters.

  2. I’ve also though that Mario Kart is the most overrated thing ever. That literally is just the same thing again and again and, according to me, the formula isn’t all that great to begin with.

  3. I agree with this article, The mario franchise needs a break. Mario’s appearances have doubled over the years. meaning that mario (and ZELDA too) had shoved all other nintendo franchises out of the spotlight. Mario is really greedy! poor F-ZERO, STAR FOX, METROID and Finally The LUIGI Franchise ( yes Mario treats his brother like junk)

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