Shut up, your majesty!

Every Christmas Day in the UK, we have an annual royal propaganda message on our TV screens. The Royal Christmas Message airs every year, and it’s always just some crap that doesn’t matter, and no one ever watches it.

These aren’t the days where the whole family gathers around the TV every Christmas to hear what the king or queen has to say. Nobody cares. Yet the British cult of royalty persists, and propaganda is still alive and well.

On Christmas, what are you most likely to do? Eat, celebrate, play with your presents, or party. Whatever you do on Christmas, I bet (or at least hope) that it’s fucking anything other than the royal Christmas speech. And I can’t think of anyone who would watch it for any good reason.

The sad thing is, it gives the impression of the Queen as a leader. Newsflash, she hasn’t led shit! Ever. Even if the royal family did once rule Britain, they don’t now, and even if they did, why the fuck would anyone want to be ruled by them. They’re just celebrities, or just dogs pretending there something greater, and nothing more. We are not to worship or idolise them.


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