Childhood environmentalism

When I was a kid, I loved nature, particularly the rainforests, and cared quite a bit about endangered species (which I also had a fascination with). Thus, I was something of an environmentalist, in that I was all “Save the Rainforest” and “Protect Endangered Species”, and read plenty of books about subjects like these and devoted some little projects to spread awareness of the issues.

Nowadays, while I still have a respect or admiration of the rainforests, and the natural world in general, I don’t like the whole environmentalist attitude. Look, I respect the need to care for our environment and not be complete assholes to the earth, but that doesn’t justify more bullshit. People act like “if there’s no room for nature, there will be no nature”, when in reality it doesn’t work that way, because nature is all-encompassing, far more than just our environment. Do humans really think they can control or destroy nature? Ha! All they’re doing is destroying their environment, which can only turn out badly for us. Nothing justifies our smug arrogance regarding the natural world.

I think, the words of George Carlin illustrate this perfectly.

I still respect nature, and I’m fine with trying to help our environment, but I hate the environmentalism itself and despise the smug arrogance, and so I only refer to my tendencies as environmentalistic in retrospect.


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