Why time travel is overrated

Time travel is a popular concept within fiction, after all who doesn’t want to see the past and maybe even correct its mistakes. But I not only doubt time travel is possible, I also doubt it’s even worth it.

Think about it, depending on how far back or forward in time you go, you might not be able talk to anyone because they won’t understand you, and your identification and money may be useless in the time you’re in, which means you won’t be recognized as a citizen.

Then there’s the whole changing the past and future thing. If you could go back in time and stop something bad from happening, then what? Wouldn’t something else that was equally bad happen as a result, maybe worse? And who knows, even if you tried to change the past, would it matter anyway? Would the thing you were trying to prevent happen find a way of happening, regardless of your attempts to prevent it?

And so what if you could prevent past mistakes in your life and make your life free from mistakes? Is it really worth it? After all, your whole life might be colored by your mistakes, but it’s not just in a negative way. Often, your mistakes can also have a positive side-effect, and make your life kinda interesting. How you deal with everything in your life is unique. Do you really want to change the unique tapestry that is your life?

Not to mention, if you could time travel, you would actually age faster. Suppose you were on a mission that took about a year to do. Even if you did it and went back to the present, you are still a year older. Remember, time machines don’t change your age. And depending on how many times you use time travel, you’ll shave several months and years off of your life and miss precious moments of your life that you will never get back. Come to think of it, lord knows how much Bill and Ted must have aged between every time they travelled through time in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

Still a great movie though.

The irony is that you could try to change the past to make a better present or future, but you might never be able to see it all, and miss out on your own life all while potentially becoming an old man in the course of only so few years. Travelling to the past to save the present and future, along with travelling to the future to see it and then go further back to try and change it, thus becomes a massive act of self-sacrifice of not only no reward to yourself, but potentially little benefit for everyone else, considering you might have potentially made things worse in the process of screwing up the tapestry of history just for a happy ending.


3 responses to “Why time travel is overrated

  1. I disagree on one statement which is that you’d age quicker by time traveling which depends on who is witnessing it. Well if you went back to 1955 and spent a whole month there on a lounge chair in Marty’s back yard well when you’d go into the future again the only people to notice it would be the people who are living in your original timeline but your body wouldn’t have aged to you nor would your mind so I think if you chose to go back and enter other times for any length of time would make it appear your older to others in your original timeline. However you’d have so many new interesting experiences and memories than any ordinary person so I’d call that a fair trade. I mean your born alone and die alone and people will eventually die in your life as you age so, not to sound too dark or depressing well I believe if you did go back you’d be doing it to enhance your experiences and if others are attached to you in your timeline and you age and die earlier because in their view you aged more quickly than them well… I think that would have to be a judgment call because your life is yours. If you moved from one city or continent to another for a better life than it would be similar because if you go somewhere else to enhance your life and experiences and you are not responsible for making others happy by staying in a place where you can’t grow. It doesn’t mean you don’t care it just means that sometimes you have to think of your own happiness. On the other hand if you’ve got a family you made in a situation where you are depended on or something like that then yes I think it would be selfish because your family needs you and your children depend on you. So I guess it depends on your situation but your statement seemed so black and white thinking but it is valid on the second last part I mentioned.

  2. “…you’ll shave several months and years off of your life and miss precious moments of your life that you will never get back.”

    That’s how I felt after my trip to Saskatoon, last year.

    • Haha, Funny Visaman I can relate, Lol I drove through there to get to BC from Winnipeg and it was hair pulling and seemed to last forever cause everything looks the same. Regina is a city that operates like a small town where heaven forbid there is any nightlife. Boring place overall.

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