My Christmas altar

A week ago, I finished a pagan Christmas altar project. It incorporates many themes pertaining to Canaanite polytheism and is inspired by American Christian conspiracy theories surrounding Christmas and paganism. I don’t care if they’re true, they’re fun.

Below is the altar.

Let me take you through what makes the altar whole. For starters, the obelisk.

The obelisk represents Baal (or Bel), and is decorated like a Christmas tree. There is a wreath or ring of ivy encircling the base of the obelisk. This represents the yoni of the goddess who is his lover.

Next is the box.

The big symbol at the center is a solar symbol, meant to represent the return of the sun. The hexagrams represent the union of male and female (thus sexual union), the moon is a common pagan symbol often associated with Baal, and the serpents pertain to carnal desire and serpent energies. One side has a bull, representative of Bel/Baal, the other has a lioness, representative of Ishtar. The Satanic pentagram is there mainly for show. Each of the side walls contains two more hexagrams and a depiction of Bel on one side and a depiction of the goddess on the other, both lifted from Canaanite and Mesopotamian artwork. And the lights? Well what’s a Christmas piece without lights?

Thinking about it, I believe one can also connect to Hindu symbolism. The obelisk is also the lingam, and thus the god Shiva, and the ring of ivy is a yoni, thus associated with Shakti. Also, the bull is associated with Shiva, and the lion or tigress is associated with Shakti.

And now, here’s the whole altar with the lights on.


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