Polytheism of the mind

Back in May, I did some thinking about some art I made, about six gods pertaining to my persona, and I had a thought swirling in my head: maybe the soul does not consist of one god, but more than one god or aspect.

Ages later, from my understanding now, this makes a lot of sense from a spiritual context. The pagans believed that deities were the divine manifestations of nature, and I think one could also take deities as representations of your soul and psyche, or parts of it. It is the use of deities or god-images to relate to the soul that matters here.

And there are most likely many parts of the individual self, multiple parts of the whole personality, so the deities would represent the major parts of your personality that define you as a person and set you apart from everyone else as an individual.

That, is polytheism in practice. Multiple deities representing parts of your soul.


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