Stop glamorising the mafia!

Ever since movies like The Godfather and our cultural image of the prohibition era, the mafia trope has become glamorized not just in movies, but in TV and in video games. This, I feel, is a problem.

What do the mafia do? They engage in extortion, racketeering, loan sharking, drug-trafficking, and various other illicit activities for the purpose of profit. Though they are often bound by a code of honor, I suspect this is a way masking the fact that what they do is basically organized crime, and actually quite dishonorable. They are also involved in private protection, though this is probably an extension of their criminal enterprise, and it’s for the money.

There are many kinds of mafia and organized crime around the world and they engage in all sorts of illicit activities.

One of the absolute worst things any organized criminal group does is what the Japanese mafia does. They go to impoverished villages in places like the Philippines, trick girls into coming to Japan with them, promising new lives of prosperity and happiness and even marriage, but once they get to Japan they become slaves, and no one seems to have stopped them. There was even a time when they practically controlled Japan, or were at least just in bed with the government.

Here’s the thing, if we could take all the money we spend on bankers, CEO’s, and politicians and instead spend it on having every army in the world wipe them all out, and if I were in charge that’s what would happen, all without even a flinch of mercy, and the world could do this right now if it had the guts and the moral strength and integrity to stand up to what is clearly wrong.

In fairness however, from what I’ve heard, they’re not as powerful now as they may appear to be in all those movies, as ruthless federal prosecution has apparently broken them up for the most part, and the ability to get a gaming license in order to open casinos means the mafia has lost a power base. But organized crime still exists, and in arguably worse forms than the “classic mafia”, more bloodthirsty and willing to harm innocent people as opposed usually harming only other criminals. It’s still out there, and


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