Why Eric Cartman must die

As those who have read the blog probably know already, I like South Park. However, at least one character on the show tends to be annoying. That would be Eric Cartman, who is apparent popular and beloved among fans despite being such a fat lump of cancer.

Yes, there things he says and does that are funny, but there is a lot about him that irks me. From the beginning, besides being a Nazi punk, he was just an overweight brat who puppy-dog-eyes his over nurturing and easily-deceived mother into giving him whatever he wants, and she doesn’t do it at first, he either continues pulling the baby doll eyes or screams like a brat (like in the second episode “Weight Gain 4000”).

Also, everyone actually hates him, but he somehow manages to manipulate almost everyone and convince them to go along with everything he does, which I notice in “Breast Cancer Show Ever”. He’s a complete poser too. Whatever he believes, he most likely doesn’t actually believe, and always comes across as a poseur. Staying on his manipulative nature, more recently in “Ginger Cow”, Cartman seems to know that the red-headed cow was a fake, but it caused peace in the Middle East, and knowing Kyle wants there to be peace in the Middle East, he manipulates him into making Kyle his slave and do horrible and humiliating things for him.

And no matter how many times Cartman does evil and horrible things, and no matter how big an asshole he is, the show will always spare him, always forgive and embrace his ways as the fat asshole he is, and always find a way to save his ass or just ignore that anything ever happened.

This character needs to be killed off . In the older series, he might not have been so bad, but he could still be grating. In newer seasons on the other hand, he just seems to get worse and worse. As the principal Victoria implied when describing cancer (being a breast cancer survivor after all), he is a fat evil lump, and you can’t wish him away, ignore him, or reason with him. You have to oppose him. You have to eliminate him. And that’s what we should be doing, finally getting rid of that fat lump once and for all.


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