Why South Park is the best of the big three cartoon comedies

I have been watching The Simpsons, Family Guy, and South Park for a few years now, and I can safely say that South Park kicks the asses of Simpsons and Family Guy.

South Park is much cleverer than both of them and doesn’t cave in to popular liberal politics or political correctness. Simpsons and Family Guy will make fun of Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, but will treat Barack Obama like some untouchable rock star saint. South Park isn’t oriented towards the idea of a family sitcom, unlike the other two, which makes it much more original. Which is why it could never air on Fox.

The Simpsons started out as very preachy, then became much more charming but still clever, but eventually it underwent a slow and steady decline where its charm and wit degrades further and further, and this process is still happening to the show. Family Guy was good in the old days, very funny and had its own kind of class. But ever since the show got cancelled in 2002, and then resurrected in 2005, Family Guy started getting less and less clever, and eventually less and less funnier, and all the while more preachy, more of a random mess of random references and “jokes”, more of an obvious and unfunny sounding board for Seth McFarlane’s pathetic politics, and more needlessly violent, eventually to the point of being more gross out. Both of them now have brighter graphics and voice acting, and it’s now unappealing. On top of that, Family Guy is little more than an adult Simpsons rip-off.

By contrast, South Park started as its own unique thing, and it was all about subverting cultural norms and ideas, right down to kids who were foul little angels who you could love at the same time. It’s still clever, and though the graphics have gotten better, the voice acting slightly different, and there are some annoying aspects here and there, the show hasn’t gotten any dumber. Yes, the show uses shock violence in its newer seasons, but unlike Family Guy, the show is clever enough to make up for it. Really, the only problem is that they caved into pressure to stop airing four of their episodes rather than fight for freedom of expression, but they seem to have made fun of themselves for it, and may be picking back up from it. Not to mention, they managed to get their sweet revenge for Isaac Hayes’ betrayal of the show, in the form of the very funny “The Return of Chef”.

Not to mention, South Park had a good movie and a really cool album (the Chef Aid album).

And that’s why I prefer South Park over Simpsons and Family Guy.


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