A softer “might makes right” argument

This picture I feel represents energy and power, which fits the subject of this post.

I’ve talked about the might makes right concept before, albeit in my own spin. I’m here again to talk of what might be softer understanding of the idea, or something softer enough to sound like something totally different.

Keep in mind, when I say might makes right, I don’t really mean the weak being oppressed by the strong, because in that system no one is truly free to be strong or grow stronger. I would also stress not to associate these ideas with Social Darwinism, which is a madness undeserving of even its own name.

But anyway, think about it. Without the energy for something to happen, it does not happen. Without will, nothing happens on the part of living beings. Without action, nothing happens and will is not carried out. Without the ability to assert ones will, then ones will is not carried out. Thus, all I’m saying is nothing happens without will, power, action, energy, desire, or something to that affect, thus the world is inexorably shaped by these things. Those who assert themselves tend to get ahead, and things happen in this world because they are made to happen, or, in a non-sentient case, because the energy for it to happen exists and goes towards it. And often, things really do depend on strength.

That’s only a theoretically softer version of the “might makes right” argument unless there’s a better term for what I’ve just laid out.


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