An esoteric understanding of technology

When you get to see the inner workings of something, it provides you with a certain understanding of that something, and for me, a certain mystical layer of understanding is also spawned, and when I place layer on that thing, it makes something kinda beautiful. I find this happens with technology.

Take for example, the disk, or CD. I find there is something magical about disks. For some reason, I find that disks to me represent the universe, and even call back to the Buddhist conception of the universe as represented by the mandalas.

A Buddhist mandala, probably Tibetan

Perhaps it’s their circular shape, which I find to be a great representation of a matrix, and that the fact they contain information and images, which our matrix is full of.

Cyberspace itself feels like it’s own matrix, and you can make something mystical out of cybernetics and cyberspace. There’s a certain way of looking at the coding, as building blocks for a magical matrix that we can interact with. It seems magical from a certain perspective at least. Sometimes programming can feel like you are using a mystic language or letters, and a mystical code that creates a matrix or universe.

The inner workings of many electronic devices and technologies sometimes feel like a physical matrix, or a system that supports the life of a body or carries energy or life force around. You could even see these and machines as living, breathing systems.

To be honest, it’s really fun and kinda fascinating to look at technology, cybernetics, and cyberspace from a mystical, esoteric point of view. Why don’t you try it? You might get some fun ideas.

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