Peace is an overrated goal

When I say peace, I don’t really mean peace. I mean mostly the buzzword that gets thrown around by the masses, and to the societal goal of peace on Earth. To often all we hear about the values of society is “world peace” or “peace on Earth”. It’s all just a slogan, a sham, that no one ever thinks about. People just go along with the idea without realizing what it means.

True peace on Earth would be dull, boring, and lifeless. In the real world, you don’t even need the presence of brutal war to illustrate the reality of conflict. Even if there aren’t any bona fide wars involving blood and weapons, there are countless other arenas in which conflict or battle of some kind will always continue to be waged. There will always be conflicts of culture and ideas, tests of character, personality, and integrity, struggles of ideals and ideas, and other forms of strife and conflict, or at least disagreement. And besides, life on its own is a struggle not just for survival, but for your own interests and will.

But you see, a world without this disagreement and conflict is also a world that is as lifeless as the surface of the moon. And a world of “world peace” would have to be a world where there are no disagreements and no conflict. Such a world can never be, for there is always disagreement, different wills that are often bound to clash swords, and the energy for conflict, and any attempts at trying to create a world of peace will invariably lead to the silencing or undermining of dissenters and the removal of free will.

If you want peace, don’t like that world peace buzzword. Look for personal peace or calm, space to unwind and relax, which you can find in daily life anyway. Hell, a bit of inner peace might not be so bad if it floats your boat. But for shit’s sake, don’t fall for the whole world peace thing. World peace is at best just a cheap, meaningless buzzword passed around by the ignorant masses, and at worst a great lie whose pursuit will lead to oppression and the damnation of free will.


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