Winter’s coming, and the cycle of incompetence repeats again

We’re in mid-November now, and the good news is that means Christmas is coming in about 6 weeks. The bad news is, winter’s coming, and everything’s going be a lot frostier and bitter. And as usual that’s not good news for the country where I live in – the UK. Expect the Daily Express to massively overhype the weather.

It seems like every winter the country seems to shut down. There are more fools that are likely to have a car crash, which holds everyone up, including the buses, which makes things really anal. It always seems like no one prepares for it, even though everyone knows it’s coming. The government doesn’t do much to prepare the country, and the schools don’t really do anything about it.

I know some of you may think it’s gonna be awesome if schools and colleges close, and when I was in school I couldn’t agree more, but now I’m in college, so let me level with you: they can’t keep closing forever. Winter in Britain tends to shut pretty much everything down, but since we don’t expect real winter to show up for more than a week, we think we can just take chances and not really prepare for anything, and every time because of that, businesses shut down briefly, the economy is halted, schools and colleges are shut, more car crashes are bound to happen, and in general the country just comes to a screeching halt.

Money might be an issue too, except it wouldn’t be if we weren’t right now pretending to care.

Can’t the UK just try harder? They honest to God know that winter is coming and that it is going to bad news if we don’t prepare for the worst, but no one ever does a whole lot. If we actually took action, the country might not have a brief heart attack every winter.


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