The great pop music conspiracy

You may have heard from somewhere that the music industry is sexist and is out to demean and devalue girls everywhere. But what if I told you that pop music isn’t necessarily about sexism, but something much more sinister? I think the people who shout “Sexism!” are ignoring the real meaning behind pop music. It’s not sexism. It’s not youth. It’s not love. It’s actually conformity.

Pop music isn’t actually sexist. It’s just using sexuality to lure or brainwash the young.

Think about it: pop music makes lots of attempts to be sexy, be it lyrically or in music videos. Sexy ladies for the boys, nonthreatening (usually) hunks for the girls. What are young people often likely to be thinking about a lot of the time? Sex, and having it. The pop music industry knows this, so they exploit it to get the young to buy the music.

But that’s not all. I’ve heard pop music videos and lyrics can be said to represent submission. Not just girls submitting to men like they have no will of their own, sensitive guys submitting to a girl. This isn’t mere sexism, this is a subtle metaphor to conform. And the sexuality is also little more than worms on a fishing lure, bait for young people to not just buy pop music, but also conform to the culture associated with pop music and designed for ignorant youths, and most of them don’t realize it.

I’m not trying to belittle or denigrate young people. I’m just saying that many of them don’t realize that they are being tricked into buying into a stupid, empty, meaningless, and crappy culture that is likable only for those who have surrendered their brains to the pop music culture.

I’m also not against sexuality. I’m just saying that sexuality in pop music is meaningless and nothing more than a tool to lure in the young, no matter how arousing or alluring any of it is or may seem. This is true in the same way that pop music itself is meaningless and totally not artistic.

And what about boy bands who try to sell sex to young girls? Well yes, this too is nothing more than a way for the pop music industry to convince the girls to support pop music and conform to the culture of pop music.

Now that you know this, don’t support the pop music conspiracy.


2 responses to “The great pop music conspiracy

  1. I’ve noticed this “pop” culture permeating throughout other genres too, like hip-hop, dance, rock, and even country. No originality or creativity, it’s all just trying to cater to this mindless generation.

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