Russel Brand is not a revolutionary!

A week ago, I found a Facebook page called Russell’s Revolution, which you can see here. It paints Russell Brand as some left wing hero and claims to represent his ideology or fans of it. It states that “Society needs to create a socialist egalitarian system based on the massive redistribution of wealth, heavy taxation of corporations and massive responsibilities for energy companies exploiting the environment.

Trendy left wing noise aside, is anyone forgetting that Russell Brand is a celebrity, not a revolutionary? Sure, he participates in various causes, such as Gaza, Tibet, and Bradley (sorry, Chelsea) Manning. But think about it, why does any celebrity participate in causes? Usually, it’s not for genuine reasons, and mainly for show.

Late into last month, Russell Brand had an interview with Jeremy Paxman, where he talked about how profit makes him sick and how he predicts or wants an anti-capitalist or socialist revolution. Problem. His net worth is $15,000,000, and he profits off of people who find him funny or watch movies he’s in. Besides, if there was a socialist revolution, and it succeeded, guess who would be on the chopping block. Not just bankers, CEOs, and plutocrats, but high earning politicians and celebrities, like him (unless assuming he led the revolution or is sponsoring, or gave his wealth to society). Did anyone not realize that?

Honestly, I’m sick of this whole idea that we can turn celebrities into revolutionaries, let alone part of some left wing trend that happens to have seduced a lot of people.


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