Abortion is still in this day and age pretty much one of those issues everyone goes crazy about. You have the religious right wingers pushing for the rights of the unborn and against the rights and free choice of women (to the point that they actually consider rape part of “God’s plan”), and the progressive types who stand for the rights of women but don’t seem to care a lot for the possible life of the unborn fetus (to the point that they’re “abortions for everyone!”).

Personally, I support abortion, and the right to choose abortion, but only if what you’re aborting is just a mass or gloop of cells that doesn’t fully have life yet, instead of a fetus that’s growing and developing life and consciousness, even a soul. If you abort any later, then you end up killing an innocent conscious being that hasn’t entered the world yet, thus it can be considered murder.

Without abortion, we risk overloading the population, let alone with unwanted babies who’ll end up having shitty futures, possibly even living lives of crime and violence. But if you do abort and don’t abort at the right time, namely too late, you end up killing what is potentially an innocent life form who hasn’t gotten started yet.

But in the end it’s your choice, and if you don’t want abortion, that’s fine. Just make sure to wear a condom, or for that matter make sure your partner wears one.


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