Drugs really are bad

It sounds like I’m some right-wing douchebag, but that’s not what it is at all. This belief actually comes mostly from an instinctive viewpoint I’ve always had that drugs are bad, but at the same time I was always against the conservative Nancy Reagan-like attitudes towards it and the “war on drugs”. From what I’ve heard from other people’s experiences, my bad opinion of drugs is reinforced.

Nothing good has ever come from doing drugs, and the only reason anyone starts is out of peer pressure or to seem cool. There’s no benefit to taking drugs, only harm. Not just for yourself, but others around you too.

Drugs actually brainwash you. They brainwash you into needing them. For instance, meth will fuck you up until you’ll do anything (and I do mean anything) to get your next fix. Shoplifting, burgling, murder, anything for the next fix. And all the while, you’re not in control anymore. The meth is. Also, it can apparently cause you to pick at yourself and create wounds and cavities which you will continue to pick at. Nasty image.

Then you have marijuana, which I’ll admit is among the least harmful of drugs, but it has some nasty effects too. No, it won’t make you kill everybody, it won’t make you want to join al-Qaeda, it won’t support terrorism or make you turn terrorist, it won’t make your brain explode, and it most likely won’t make Jesus climb down the cross and start hitting you with it. What it does do is make you dumb, it makes you more mellow and bored, and totally fine with being bored and mellow, and it makes you lose sexual potency. It’s actually a depressant, much like alcohol, so it causes depression, and also anxiety, suicidal thoughts, schizophrenia, and even cancer. Besides, do I really want to be bored and mellow? No! I want energy!

There’s no way I’m falling for this.

Then there’s stuff like LSD, heroin, and cocaine. I hear a lot of musicians, including David Bowie, did stuff like cocaine at some point in their careers, Kurt Cobain is known to have struggled with heroin (which may have in some way contributed to his suicide in 1994), and in the 1960’s, LSD was associated with a social counterculture and musicians such as The Beatles were known for dabbling in LSD. For starters, LSD. I’ve heard it was originally created by the United States government as a form of mind control, then it broke loose and became used by some in the general public and became part of the hippie scene, and since then it became outlawed. It actually makes you hallucinate and lose control and it fries your brain cells, causes paranoia, and can cause extremely terrifying thoughts such as fear of insanity and death, on top of that LSD trips last between 8-12 hours. Then you have heroine, which ruins your whole life. It can also make you feel numb, and makes you addicted to the point that you are as sick as a dog without it. So it basically brainwashes you into needing it, just like cigarettes. Then there’s cocaine, which numbs your brain and makes you stupid, ruins your life, can kill you, and make you suicidal. It also makes you addicted and brainwashes you into needing more.

Some of the drugs people decide to take are insane. There’s a drug called Krokodil that is somehow popular in Russia, and there are cases of it being used in the US, and the drug itself is known to cause you to rot from inside out. And then there are these “legal highs”, or to more accurately put it, drugs you can apparently buy legally from the Internet. I hear about these and stuff like Meow Meow in the UK. Apparently, those drugs can actually kill you.

Drugs in general make you lose control and undermine your willpower, make you insane, impair your judgement and make you do things you never want to, make you paranoid and insane, make you addicted, make you stop caring about the harm you do to yourself and others, and they brainwash you into thinking you need them and that they are good for you, when in reality neither are true. Not to mention, you lose a lot of money and destroy lives and relationships. Come to think of it, alcohol and cigarettes are themselves examples of drugs, just that somehow they are accepted by society, while other drugs are demonized. Any good effects or highs are either temporary or meaningless, while the negative effects are either permanent or last much longer and do more damage.

And then there’s the inevitable question of why? Why would anyone ever do something that dumbs them down, brainwashes them into needing it, or kill them? The best answer I can come up with is stupidity, weakness, desperation, ignorance, and, most of all, peer pressure. Think about it, the only reason most people do drugs is out of peer pressure, that’s how it starts (though desperation is another common motivator). Someone tries to convince you to do drugs and that all the cool cats do drugs, and effectively make you feel like an outsider or outcast if you don’t. They manipulate your feelings.

Something like this.

In fairness I should point out that many claim to experience drugs in different ways. Some say they feel fine. But I don’t think this changes anything about drugs. I still don’t think anything good can come out of drugs. If drugs don’t make you dumb, they’ll probably still make you go insane, and most likely if not definitely make you lose control and undermine your willpower.

I’m not against getting high, in fact it sounds like a good thing. I just don’t like the way a lot of people try to do it. I prefer to get high or feel ecstasy only on my own energies, head-thrashing to metal (or through music in general), and, ideally, through sex and sexuality. That’s all I want or need to get high, maybe atmosphere too. I don’t need drugs.

I think part of the drugs problem is the romanticisation of drugs as something cool. You find it glamorized in music, movies, the hippie movement, some modern forms of religion and “spirituality”, and nightclub scenes. There’s also peer pressure. A big part of the problem is that people stereotype people who don’t do drugs, or drink and smoke for that matter, and say “Oh you’re lame, you’re a square, you’re straight, you’re plastic, you’re a nark, you’re a killjoy, you’re some goodie two-shoes who’s gonna nark on us, you go to church and you’re some white middle-class Christian, you’re some kind of right-wing idiot”. People peer-pressure innocent non-druggies and get people to do it because everyone’s doing it. Remember the rave and ecstasy scenes from a few decades ago? Everyone was doing drugs, and that was the only reason anyone ever did drugs (if you don’t count the nightclub thing). So the only reason people ever do drugs is stupidity, ignorance, and pressure to conform, just like drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes.

So I urge you, don’t do drugs. You don’t need them, you’re better off without them. If you think you’re gonna feel good, you’re most likely to be wrong. Don’t be tempted by anyone who tries to glamorize drugs, especially the hippies. I know I sound like some square douchebag, but I’m not. And keep in mind, I hate drugs, but I also hate the anti-drug campaigns for seeming very corny and very Nancy Reagan or worse.

To be honest, I’m against the whole war on drugs anyway, since all it seems to be doing is wasting both money and lives (most of which are innocent lives) while furthering the machine of politics and propaganda and doing no form of good. And I don’t think laws are the solution when it comes to drugs. Most drugs are currently illegal, but that doesn’t seem to be changing anything. If the problem is ignorance and pressure to conform, then the solution is to teach people that they don’t need to do drugs, let alone be pressured by others into doing them. We should teach them strength, strength to resist the pressure to conform.


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