Teenage pregnancy

When I walk in town, I sometimes see young looking women carrying prams, I hear from a friend that many young women and girls in the area and/or country where I live have babies too young. It often gets mentioned on the news and it’s often a rallying point for almost totally brain-dead conservative asswipes and their zombie legions.

I for instance have a sister who is currently 23 years old, and had a baby three years ago, when she was 20. Not necessarily teenage, but still too young for her to be ready. She hasn’t lived enough yet. Now we have a mother who is often very angry towards her own kid. No physical abuse as far as I know, but very often shouts at him and sometimes swears at him. Not to mention she’s not the brightest of people. Just another girl with fake tan, listens to pop music, and watches trash TV.

And it’s not just the mother who suffers, the rest of the family has to live with the consequences of her stupidity. In the case of my sister, I know it. Me, my two brothers, and my mother have to deal with it everytime, we deal with the stress of life with the baby (who I’m sorry to say no one really wanted in the first place), and me and my brother have a much harder time being ourselves without getting called out for it.

The problem at the heart of young pregnancy isn’t permissive morals or that young people are having sex. The problem is that the people having sex and then having babies early are fucking stupid. Think about it, if more of them just wore condoms, or failing that had abortions, then we wouldn’t have more teenage or young parents bringing children into a world of suffering brought on by their stupidity.

Any sane person would wonder, why don’t they just get abortions? My best assumption is that they don’t do it mostly out of religious reasons, either because of their own religious belief, or their parents religious beliefs (which means their parents won’t let them abort). Since in most cases the religious belief is Christianity (though I bet Hinduism and Jainism have something against it), all it means is that Christianity facilitates and protects stupidity to the point where they don’t seem to realise that it’s not a fucking game, and real lives and suffering are involved. Of course, if they are going to abort, they’d have to do it soon, when what they’re pregnant with is still just a mass of cells without life and consciousness.

So don’t blame sex, or permissive morals, or the downfall of religion. The answer is obvious. It’s stupidity. And if you don’t lack any intellectual honour or are just trying to protect stupidity, you will know it.


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