My problem with Krishna

One of the most famous entities in Hinduism is Krishna, the eigth avatar of the deity known as Vishnu. He is variously hailed as a great teacher, a manifestation of God, even just God. Except that this is nonsense.

OK, before I begin with my criticisms, I feel I must mention things I like about him. He’s certainly a beautiful deity, he has a good way with women, very playful, and for someone who doesn’t look so strong he is capable of some impressive feats, like dropping a solar disk from the sky, and facing off against someone who threw an entire freaking mountain at him. Holy shit! It seems power and strength and beauty go very well together in Indian lore.

I can’t help but think I want that to be me at times. But how many guys don’t?

But, you’re not here to see me praise Krishna. You’re here so I can show you the bad side of him.

For starters, I find he’s for the most part an avatar of Vishnu who thinks himself “God” almighty. And in the Bhagavad Gita, he asks that you surrender yourself unto him so that he can “deliver you from sinful actions”. Am I the only one who thinks this is the same attitude as YHWH or Allah? Seems to me that Krishna is just the Hindu expression of the monotheistic (mainly Abrahamic) idea of God.

There’s a some hypocrisy too. Krishna proclaims lust to be a gateway to hell, and preaches for the destruction of desire, passion, and lust. So why is he playing around with all those beautiful girls? In fact, he thinks any form of desire is sinful except his own, since he calls pleasing yourself a sin but pleasing Krishna a form of love. What kind of bull crap is this? He also seems to advocate the destruction of ego or self, and seems against ego, lust, strength, anger, and pride (Bhagavad Gita chapter 16 verse 18), when in reality he has got to have the most overblown sense of self-worth in all of Hindu lore. And why do we have someone who is against strength? Especially someone who kills monsters and demons and survives all kinds of powerful attacks on a regular basis?

Also, this guy denounces lust, but finds himself having tons of girls flock to him like a rock star and even steals the clothes of gopis, and he gets away with it because he’s supposedly “God” while the average man can’t. And that’s what bugs me, he can do whatever he wants regarding women and get away with it, but denounces lust, self-pleasure, and desire, and would probably make sure you don’t get away with it. What the fuck kind of deity is that?

All-in-all, despite all the good I’ve said of him, Krishna is simply not appealing to me or worthy of any of his excessive praise.

Real quick, I wanna mention ISKCON for a bit, since they glorify Krishna so much. They are not Hindus. They’re just Indian Christians or monotheists with Hindu mythology and ideas. It doesn’t help that they sometimes advocate separation from non-devotees (kinda like how Christianity and Islam advocate hostility towards or shunning of non-believers).

And lastly, to borrow a phrase from a good friend, why should the destroyer of the universe take orders from a blue Justin Bieber?


One response to “My problem with Krishna

  1. I agree with you about ISKON temples being “too christian” like i’m a hindu so i know the atmosphere in an authentic hindu temple they are usually filled with joy of being around so many statues and so many Gods and also beautiful architecture ISKON is a temple made by some idiots who want to polarize all hindus to worship one deity.

    And i think i can tell you why Krishna has “YHWH” like characteristics you see hindusim is a fusion of 2 different cultures and ethnicities,one was the vedic clan and other one was the indus valley civilization’s clan..

    Very early vedic texts seems to have an aversion towards graven images and statues and they put more heavy emphasis on fire sacrifices,mantras and they also put more emphasis on pleasing Zeus/YHWH like thunder God Indra (Indra is currently considered a low-tier God in current mythology.. i wonder what brought this change)

    Whereas indus valley people seemed to be the polar opposite of vedic people.. their preferred way of worshipping Gods were in graven images as you can evidently see by the indus seals.. and the funny thing is that this almost monotheistic like clan merged with the indus valley clan to form the largest surviving polytheistic religion alive.

    Evidently Shiva(The God of Animals) was an indus valley God and was later adopted into the canon of vedas and became one of the supreme Gods of hindusim…

    So krishna is nothing more than a remainder of the fusion of vedic culture which originally used to view Gods in a more spiritualistic&non physical way rather than animistic&anthromopsing like indus valley folk… in fact this is why modern hindus are currently having dilemmas on whether to worship idols or not,whether to view God as one or plural,whether to view God in the natural phenomenon or to view exclusive of nature..

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