Vegetarianism and veganism are nonsense

My problem with vegetarians and vegans is that they say they don’t eat meat because it involves killing an animal or life form, but what about plants? Plants are life forms and living beings too? So are you going to just ignore them? The plain and simple truth is that we all eat living things to sustain our survival and continued physical health and existence. That’s the way it’s always been. You can’t change that. Yes we also eat for pleasure, but that’s not the point.

It sounds insane, but pretty much everything about sustaining yourself requires sacrifice, and don’t think that fruits, veggies, and grains, don’t count as living beings that are sacrificed.

Some of these types actually believe eating meat is bad for your health, and thus vegetarianism is healthy. Nonsense. There is no proof for this. Your body needs protein, and meat is great provider of protein. Vegetarians say that soy proteins can replace meat protein, but it can’t. Soy protein is not as beneficial as protein from meat. That means you NEED meat, dairy, eggs, and seafood. Some crap burger made of wheat and soy put together does not replace a proper meat burger.

The only justifiable reason for a vegetarian lifestyle is if you had some kind of chronic disease which meant you can’t eat meat.

Then there’s vegans, who won’t consume anything produced by animals, not even milk. And they also think they’re saving lives. They’re not. For starters they ignore field animals that are killed during annual crop harvests, and like vegetarians, they only care about animal life. They don’t consider plants or bacteria as life forms, let alone life forms worthy of saving.

Then you have PETA, who is pretty much both the collective ambassador of veganism and the all-time greatest extreme of a bastardized vegetarianism. To support their cause, they go to incredible lows. From sexy protests (including nude or semi-nude girls holding signs), sexy posters, lettuce bikini ladies, and their own porn site, to Nazi-esque proselytizing, to plastering around photos of animal cruelty and its results (even on their porn site), and people caged or covered in red body paint, and actual women with fake blood on them wrapped in giant meat packets like in the supermarkets with the label flesh.

No amount of sexual arousal is ever going to get me to become vegetarian or vegan, let alone support PETA.

Although I have to admit, they know how to get my attention.

So please, don’t listen to vegetarians and vegans, who think they can relieve the suffering of animals, let nothing stop you from enjoying your favorite meats.


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