Feminism is ridiculous

Let’s set something straight first. I’m not against gender equality, I’m against feminism as an ideology, which doesn’t actually stand for gender equality.

My immediate first problem with feminism is their vilification of pornography. They think it’s inherently violent, espouses male superiority, glorifies sexual abuse, portrays women as disgusting, portrays sexual violence as normal, harms and commodifies women, and is anything other than fantasy. This is easily proven nonsense if you look at it from a rational perspective. Also, I take it feminists have never heard of pornography that featured men performing sexual acts on each other rather than women.

Second, feminism bastardizes paganism. Personally, I find feminist-oriented paganism to be very repulsive. It makes paganism far too feminine, and places too much emphasis of the goddess or divine female principle. Some feminists even claim that matriarchal religion was the original religion until patriarchy came along. Such a claim is nonsense if you consider that in the old days, male and female were sacred. In the past, both male and female deities, and the divine principles of male and female, were honored, so the idea of an ancient matriarchal religion being the original religion is stupid.

Third, it enforces heinous false gender stereotypes. In the feminist worldview, men are evil creatures and their ways are based on domination, coercion, cruelty, and aggression, and so is their sexuality. This is complete crap. Those traits can exist, not just in men, but in women too, but that is only one side of human nature. Feminists also completely ignore how shallow, competitive, and cruel women can be. Both genders are selfish and self-oriented, that is human nature.

Fourth, as I said before, they don’t actually value gender equality. They’re only interested in “tearing down the patriarchy”, and value the superiority of the female gender over the male gender. Anyone who calls that equality is a fucking lunatic. This in turn makes them hypocrites, since they often speak of inequality against women.

And lastly, feminism is out to turn women into victims, even if they aren’t. In the feminist worldview, women are victims, so the ideology of feminism seeks to make women feel as victims, and men as ogres. Feminism claims to be for strong, independent women, but in reality it is all about how women are supposedly victims of men.

To sum it all up, feminism is just another gender tyranny that seeks to demean men and promote sexism, and it makes me sick.


7 responses to “Feminism is ridiculous

  1. I agree with the points you made about feminism promoting a culture of self victimisation and the points about female cruelty, which no one ever mentions. In fact I agree with all your points, and it annoys me that the word feminism is now used to almost create a gulf between men and women.

    The only thing I don’t quite agree on/ or need more clarification is your views on pornography – maybe you could elaborate on them a little bit? I mean I do agree with what you’re saying but l do think that, as an industry, it’s massively corrupt. This point to me is part of a wider issue with society so I wont talk about it too much cuz I guess you’re argument lies with how ‘feminists’ view it.

    Overall a great article and it’s good to know there’s others out there like myself who think some feminists are just, in your words, ridiculous!

  2. There is a victim-mentality in movements that express the rights of their particular segment of human society.

    I disagree with you on your dismissing the supremacy of matriarchy in ancient human societies, in fact females and males had specific functions in ancient times, of which one gender was supreme, for instance children were the authority of female, and men had no say in the matter. Amongst the Basques I have found the female was supreme authority in their spirituality, a matter the Church Inquisition tried to eradicate.

  3. My opinion is that feminism is a legitimate backlash against patriarchal “abrahamic” faiths, where women really were treated, and continue to be treated, as less than men.

    To me, the problem started when it became a political ideology / movement, where agenda always trumps justice. The feminists learned their tactics well from the Nazis, when no concessions were ever seen as “going far enough”. They always want more.

    So, now now we have “pick up artists” that only see women as sex objects. And women that steal from their husbands in divorce cases. And “men” that cater to the feminist scum in the hope of getting laid. Women seem to constantly complain that there are no “real men”. Well, there are no “real women” to attract “real men”. Only a very stupid man would ever commit to women in this country in this day and age, There is nothing to gain, and everything to lose, by getting married to one of them.

    Ever see a man get served divorce papers at work? I’ve seen it. All along the woman was planning to destroy him, while making him think all was well. Then she struck.

    Fuck that,

    It’s a huge mess that only a cultural collapse can fix, because only a cultural collapse can destroy feminism and the pussified “men” that support it.

  4. Make marriage a real contract again.
    NO fault divorce is the stupidest thing ever.
    Huge fine for eloping and adultery and disgusting female hypergamy and eloping will come to a swift stop.

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