There is nothing wrong with pornography

Often I hear about pornography and how supposedly bad it is. Whenever you mention pornography to people, they may most likely react with caution or disgust, all while secretly watching and enjoying porn at the same time.

For the purpose of definition, pornography is any media that depicts sexual activity and is designed to arouse you sexually.

All we ever hear is how porn supposedly damages society or fucks up kids who watch it, or how we should be careful when it comes to porn. Online porn is constantly the victim of stupid, lazy people looking for something other than themselves to blame.

Now, hear’s the argument FOR porn that I doubt society ever lets you hear. Here’s my opinion. I look an pornographic images and stuff, I jack off, and you know what? It’s great and I feel good. Nothing bad happens at all. I don’t suddenly feel any urge to go out and abuse anyone in the streets. I don’t start devaluing women or see them as sex dolls. I don’t suddenly turn communist. My manhood never fell off, or became a huge monster leech that started sucking blood . There’s no gremlins who come to dig out my brain from my skull. Nothing bad happens and I feel great. In fact, all that happens afterwards is that I feel a low and need to wind down. Where’s my news report? Where’s my commercial? Where’s my awareness pamphlet? How come only the “porn is bad” crap gets any fair hearing in society?

And forget what those Nazis feminists are trying to convince you. Most forms of pornography do not constitute as violence. In fact, what is so violent or degrading about sex, or love-making? When did sex suddenly become so degrading or bad? Porn is not misogynistic and it doesn’t objectify women. People do. When you see women as nothing more than property or sex dolls, it is you does it, it is you who engages in misogyny. It is never porn. It’s also important to remember that porn isn’t the same as reality. If you lose sight of that, you may end up having problems.

To be fair though, there are forms of porn that are either illegal or generally unpleasant. What do you do? Just don’t click on it! Don’t watch it or download it if you don’t like it or it’s not for you. It’s that fucking simple. And if you’re parents and you’re worried about your kids seeing pornographic images or videos, then grow a pair, get off your ass, and make sure your kids can’t access the stuff. Don’t deny personal responsibility by crucifying pornography.

So there you go, there’s nothing wrong with pornography, and there’s nothing wrong with jacking off either. Although you may wanna give it a rest at times, and remember to, as always, take care with regards to viruses.


2 responses to “There is nothing wrong with pornography

  1. I know when I was a xtian, it didn’t stop me from watching porn. I can only imagine what kinds of porn the “crusaders” are into. Or, maybe it’s best that I don’t imagine…

    Anyway, I think it’s all based on fear as well as a siege mentality.

    If the people don’t listen to what they claim their “god” says, their “god” will send the plagues. This is why they try and force their will onto other people, but claim they do it out of “love”. It’s not love. They don’t know the meaning of the word “love”. They do it because they don’t want their “god” to do what their “god” does best: murder and destroy. And here we are, setting up the conditions that they think will result in death and destruction.

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