Remember my previous post about personal elements? Well since then, my element spread has changed, mainly since I realize Ego and Chaos should not be considered elements, let alone personal elements. So the four elements are as follows:

Fire, Earth, Sun, and Id

Fire is the same as I previously described it, so is Earth. Id still refers to carnal energy.

Sun is like Light with a more fire edge, and it’s not Sun. Basically not the same as the generic Light principle. It’s the hot light of the bright sun.

And that’s it.

6 thoughts on “Elements

  1. G’day brother Aries man I’m back…gee listening to you and your fire is like a lullaby to me. Your a complete chop off the old block..a subconscious orchestra playing with fireworks. And watch out for his volcanic undercurrents, their brimming with, well, fire and brimstone. Yes you and me my friend, we are individuality personified. Pure distinct, non merging with others let alone the Universe, and at the same time understanding that what merges can never take away yours, my, distinct divinity. Buddy I thought of you today because I read a book yesterday with a woman who like us embodies and blazes with FIRE. She’s no feminist in the sense of the idiots you were wonderfully hammering. She to me is well ill let you discover if you will. Her name is Sera Beak, and her book is entitled Red, Hot, and Holy. Now in person she comes across as angelic and all. But she herself says to see through that. You will i know it. All the best brother.

    1. You the same person who talked to me about stuff like dark energy and goddesses? Nice to hear from you again. I feared it would be a long time.

      Thank you indeed for your kind words. I pray (and I use that term loosely) that you will have a blog on this site, and when you do I will follow it.

      1. Yes I’m in spiritual exile and have been so for a few years and will be for a couple of more, breaking all sorts of taboo’s with my writing. You’ll certainly be one of the first I look too when my physical service to the world turns out there :-)……..

  2. Coz people like u really should be heard. So if i can help then goodo hey. It’s when you or me are ignored that we roar and flame like mad. Just give us our stage!!…and then the underworld of ourself is kind’ve our very charm that we can turn on, turning others on….slap, spank, wake up, shake and a little frightened…they don’t know whether to be attracted or repulsed haha. Your journal or memoir will be book thick in not too long a time. You’ll be on the stage prob before me haha. Or maybe this is your stage. God bless…I’m only joking. I’m no god bless man. Peace and love…I’m only joking again..too wishy washy!! See you over the Rainbow.

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