The celebrity world is nothing but a big show

You ever hear of some stories about celebrities, their sex lives, their marriages, their divorces, their pregnancies and children, everything about their pointless lives that only stupid ewes will be interested in? You ever noticed those gossip magazines going on about celebrity stories?

This world presented by the media and gossip magazines is nothing more than a show, packaged for the fools, the sheep, and the dogs, to promote people who are worthless and do nothing of any value. Ugly people too, both in appearance and in soul.

These celebrities are the vile fecal matter that the media and society feeds to its own people, and expects them to worship them, idolize them, and see them as role models, while buying into the whole show that is their manufactured life.

We live in a society that creates false gods that people are told to embrace. This cult-like behavior must be stopped.


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