The Satanic Pagan

I might have mentioned the term “Satanic Pagan”. For whatever purpose, I’m here to explain the term.

The serpent is a great symbol for both paganism and Satanism.

The Satanic Pagan is bound to have a certain admiration or veneration of Nature, and/or the force that runs through it (in my case this is Chaos), and also veneration of deities as representations of this force. Speaking of this, use of deities or deity images can be used by the Satanic Pagan to relate to Nature and its forces, to seasons and celebrations, to concepts, and also to ones own soul and personality, perhaps in relation to mythology. I do this often.

Satanic Paganism is about nature, the force of nature, the natural human, and to an extent the gods that are linked with it all, as well as trying to tap into the power, but also about the self, personal power, and the potential godhood of the individual. It is spiritual, and yet also embracing of materiality and its pleasures.


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