Satanism, Left Hand Path, Paganism, Asian religions, and mixing them all up

For a long time, I’ve been trying to blend Hinduism, Buddhism, and Asian stuff, with Satanism, Left Hand Path philosophy, and general paganism, and the root of this comes from my own personal values and my interest in all of them. I also want to add in influence from Shin Megami Tensei, my chief source of inspiration for my path.

For starters, I am beginning to see the Abrahamic mythology, particularly the God versus Satan conflict, as a metaphorical vehicle or device for conveying Order versus Chaos, a conflict between the way of subjugation and slavery versus the way of freedom and power, in addition to being resembling of the Abrahamic versus Pagan ideals. Satan (Beelzebub), obviously refers to Chaos, freedom, and power. It’s very fun to interact with, but I can’t take it too seriously, or it might cause some trouble.

Then, you have Paganism. At its essence, Paganism is the veneration of nature through the projection of Nature into deity images, and different people can deify in different ways and through different expression. And that’s totally something I believe in. Not just Nature, but concepts, and one’s own soul too. Then you have my whole idea of paganism, and its values, thus the reason I’d want to identify with it, though it might be the impression from Biblical ideas of paganism. The chief pagan idea is the veneration of a force, and the projection of deity images to link to Nature, seasons, celebrations, concepts, and other things, even parts of you yourself.

On to Hinduism, Buddhism, and other Asian stuff. This comes from my love of and affinity for Hindu and Buddhist art, Japanese and Chinese myth, culture, and aesthetic, and the warrior deities found in Tibet and Japan. The idea of Shakti is important in this case, as a raw force related to Chaos, a chthonic force, and the ideal of personal power. Using Hindu/Buddhist deities as symbolic of something related to my ideals, and various concepts and forces of nature, it could be valid. Karma could relate to my idea of justice, except it is meted out by you yourself rather than meted out by the cosmos. Also, I can’t say anything about reincarnation.

Now for the insertion of Satanic and Left Hand Path philosophy, or as I call it, Satanizing. What this involves is adding a Left Hand Path filter to things that would never normally have that bent. This means that instead of advocating submission into a higher being, it places value on the self, and the individual as having the potential to be a god, create one’s own world from one’s own individually discerned principles and ideal, and transcend the limits of the world. And it goes without saying that looking into Tantric systems might be of use. If I could look into Hindu and Buddhist spirituality and concepts, give them and LHP blend and removing RHP influence, it might just suffice, same for other Asian stuff. For example, it could also mean that Hindu and Buddhist deities would have any symbolism related to asceticism and destroying self and desire either removed or changed, both to suit LHP ideals and goals.

In my system, I relate deities to my own personality, or parts of it, and other concepts as well. Besides my six personal deities, I could easily have various deities as symbolic of various things, and recommend warrior deities for things like power and the warrior’s spirit.

The deities Bel and Ishtar, while from Canaan, can be used as symbolic of principles of male and female sexuality and power, maybe you can draw from them.

Ultimately, my system composes of the general pagan principle of deity images and veneration of a primal force (in my case, probably Chaos or Shakti or some chthonic force), and the Satanic and LHP spirit of freedom, personal power, and even godhood through that force, all with a hopefully Asian flair, and my own ideals. I must, in the end, use my heart to do the work. Maybe some meditating.

And as always, remember the inner/chthonic flame, the will, the power in you. Don’t give it away to some “God” or higher being.

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