Being a writer without being like God

I had a discussion with my brother about creative writing and making characters, and I somehow felt like the notion of deciding the lives and fates of characters is not a very good way to understand story-making, or at least not for someone like me.

See, “God” creates, “God” destroys, “God” decides your fate and your life. That is NOT something I want to emulate, especially as a chaotic thinker (as opposed to Order).

So what’s the alternative? Simple. You create the story, setting, and characters, but it’s not like how “God” creates humans and decides everything for them. The creation is mental, you think of it as a tapestry from the mind that the act of creation merely brings to life. Creation and creative writing, therefore, are free from the ignoble mentality of fatalism, that of “I decide everything about the character” or of fate.

And besides, I don’t wanna be that kind of “God”, or that kind of person. But godhood is a subject for another day.


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