The King of Hell

After looking into Lucifer, Satanael, and Samael, and eventually Beelzebub again, I eventually came to the idea that that all the famous devils are actually avatars or extensions of a greater “dark” force. A King of Hell, or highest Satan, if you will. After deliberating, I concluded that this force, this King of Hell, this highest Satan, is Beelzebub, a.k.a. Bel, or Baal.

Truth be told, King of Hell is merely a way of saying a high deity or representation of Chaos, and referring to being a powerful raw, primal, chthonic, Chaotic, some would say Dark force.

Part of the background behind this is that, because Bel was associated with the rival tribes who opposed the Israelites, he became representative of heathen power and the arch enemy. Bel was also a supreme god in the world before Christianity, and very powerful, thus a potent rival to the Abrahamic God, El (a.k.a. Yahweh). And since El advocates Order, Beelzebub will advocate Chaos, and the freedom and power it offers. He is also identified as the “prince of demons”. It’s actually king, but the Christians don’t like to elevate him to the same rank as Jesus.

There are a lot of conspiracy theories that believe that symbols of the god Baal (or Bel), and/or his power, is everywhere. I don’t care if it’s true or false, but it’s a cool idea, and it’d probably make sense. Thus, Bel being the prime pagan power or force, as opposed to the force of sublimation and oppression embodied by El.

He is truly the great horned one, this hidden horned god (or perhaps, not so hidden).

Bel and the Dragon

The name Satan can still be used, if only because it’s a great name and cool to say, and it can be used as a title for Bel/Beelzebub. Perhaps by praising Satan, one is praising the horned one Beelzebub.

Being the prime pagan force, I’m not sure what this means for other pagan gods, though they might be of the same force, though not necessarily extensions of his power, like the devils. It should be noted that Bel/Baal was worshipped in many forms (like Baal Zephon, Baal Shamin,  Baal Hadad, and others). Marduk is even a form of him.

Bel himself is a powerful god, associated with fertility, carnal power, storms, the sun, and power.

Through all this, I establish Beelzebub/Bel/Baal as that supreme “Dark” force behind all the devils, and probably a prime pagan force, at least within my system.


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