Never mind the NSA, here’s gay rights again

Has anyone else noticed that the NSA news isn’t as loud as it was a few months ago? Or maybe it’s still big but it isn’t as paid as much attention to as it should be. And these days, it seems more people still care about the issue of gay rights.

On Sunday, I heard a news story on the radio about preparations for the Sochi Olympic Games in Russia next year, and they mentioned the controversy surrounding it. According to them, it was about gay rights. They seem to be covering for the fact that Russia had granted Edward Snowden, the NSA whitsleblower, temporary asylum, and the American government is pissed off that Russia didn’t let them have their way with him. To me, it seems like the news media is already forgetting about Edward Snowden. Coupled with the hysteria surrounding America’s partial shutdown, it seems we draw closer to forgetting about the NSA’s plans.

Perhaps this is the media trying to bury the NSA’s evil shenanigans, or at least downplay them, until we have forgotten about it while they still remain unpunished, so that they can resume their vile campaign of surveillance. It’s also to do with how intimate an embrace the government, media, and corporations have between each other. Either way, the NSA story is being downplayed, and most still people don’t realize or care that the NSA still has gone unpunished and that it’s not just America they were spying on, but other countries too, including the UK.

The media is seeking to downplay the story so that the NSA by distracting of with various issues and hysteria so that the NSA can resume its surveillance project. The word must be spread so that we can stay vigilant. We can’t let injustice go unpunished.


6 responses to “Never mind the NSA, here’s gay rights again

  1. The number one purpose of media is profit through advertising, and the public hunger after the relentless beating of the dead dog of the subject of NSA has been sated, so new objects of interest are pursued. There is nothing new to write about the NSA, everyone is now bored with the subject, regardless of how important the NSA issue may be to individual freedom.

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