Without spirituality, the world is dull

Lots of people in this day and age are ignorant and blind to the soul, and to spirituality, and think only of a meaningless material world, not even trying to create their own meaning.

They have denied themselves from seeing a spiritual, mystical layer of existence. Most of those who do submit themselves to fake, artificial, meaningless spirituality, usually not of their own discovery or fashion.

The spiritual and mystical layer of seeing opens up world a that a purely material or logical, or even just simplistic view point would prevent you from seeing, and provides magic and wonder to the world. Without it, you end up seeing the world as just a rock floating in the middle of space inhabited by stupid apes. It destroys wonder and meaning, while leading you not to create a meaning of you own. Coupled with most of us prefer to go with “the way things are” because they want to feel comfortable with it, little realizing there is much more to the story.

The problem is that, as most people probably see it, you’re either a hard materialist and atheist, or a theistic follower of bland organized religion (which isn’t really spiritual if you think about it). An alternative is seen as either weak or too confusing. This is the result of a lazy society only willing to see two options, and one that views religion as the only form of spirituality. Coupled with the enforced idea that religion and spirituality are the same, this in term puts people off spirituality, because they confuse it for religion.

Modern man must learn to recognize the spiritual layer of existence or he consigns himself to a sad, dull, world without life.


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