Politics isn’t what I’m interested in

Lately, I’ve been thinking about politics and current stories, and I’ve also thought about my perception of politics in general, and I’ve come to conclude that what I am interested n is not politics, even though it seems like it is politics.

What I’m actually interested in is ideals, values, ideologies, beliefs and belief systems, philosophies of these things, and the effect they have on society. See, actual politics to me consists of stuff like politicians, officials, MPs, debates, political processes, diplomacy, tax, shit-tastic speeches, policy, elections, bi-laws, legislation, regulation, voting, yada yada fucking yada. It’s all boring shit, boring and ugly people, inaction, and mounds and mounds of pure, uncut bullshit, not to mention the lies upon lies, which are only true because we believe so.

It has almost nothing to do with ideals, ambitions, what you value, and what you want for society. It’s not interesting whatsoever, and I’m willing to bet you agree with me (unless you actually enjoy this boredom and inaction, in which your brain is  probably seriously, seriously shot). The fact is, most if not all of politics is boring and completely meaningless, and all of it is naught but bullshit. I would actually go far enough to say that without politics, the world would be a much better place.


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