The American Shutdown, and the disgrace that is American politics

Recently, America has entered what is being called a “government shutdown”. They say this is over some budget thing, but I know what this is actually about. This is about healthcare. Basically, Republicans can’t deal with the fact they pretty much lost on healthcare, and so-called Obamacare had been declared by a panel to not be unconstitutional. They lost, but they couldn’t accept it, so they’re shutting down the government in order to intimidate everyone else into backing down on healthcare.

I have no official side when it comes to Obamacare (despite the fact that I dislike Obama himself), but what matters is that this is all a tale of a complete and total lack of basic honour. In the end, it doesn’t matter whose side is right in this case. All that matters is that one side lost, but refuses to accept it and instead tries drag the country down in a massive tantrum until it can convince the other side they won. That, is fucking pathetic.

And as usual, FOX News is resuming it’s normal duties as GOP propaganda outlet, trying to have us believe that the Republicans are the victims, and that Obama shut down the government because he didn’t want to compromise with Republicans, and blocked kids from medical treatment. Not only that, but they’re using WW2 veterans as political pawns to further their cause and garner more support, complete with Michelle Bachmann approaching a veteran, telling them that the GOP’s are gonna make everything better before kissing him on the cheek. This after Bachmann complains about liberal pundits using veterans as political pawns. If that isn’t hypocritical manipulation, I don’t know what is.

Every time someone says Fox News, an actual fox dies from puking in disgust.

You know what annoys me? That Republicans dishonestly cling to the mantra of small government. Yes, I agree that the best government is the least, but I think that Republicans are unfit to wave that banner. I mean, Republicans claim to oppose government invading the lives of Americans and undermining the American dream, but through 2001-2008, when a Republican George W. Bush was president, I can’t think of anything but the government invading their lives. These guys honestly seem like the kind of people who would actually favor the government taking control of people’s lives for the sake of “traditional values”.

All this is probably just another instance of the reality of politics as pure, uncut bullshit, and only idiots fall for its seemingly undying trickery, and also another, more dramatic way of trying to maintain the status quo once more. This American Shutdown is another manifestation of the Great Bullshit that is politics and the quest to maintain the status quo, and a huge manifestation of disgrace and lack of honour on the part of Republicans, and, possibly, all of American politics.


One response to “The American Shutdown, and the disgrace that is American politics

  1. The American Shutdown for many is so-far irrelevant, though it indicates the serious dysfunction in US politics right now when both sides have pushed themselves in such a corner neither seem able to give ground without losing serious face.

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