The kindness of the Satanist

You who are reading this might think this is a strange thing, but I assure you, it is not. Yes, Satanism as a philosophy espouses that humans are selfish by nature and that we follow our own individual drives, and discourages altruism, but today I am here to make the case a Satanist can do kind things without it necessarily being altruistic, or based on thinking for others as opposed to yourself.

For starters, I think the term selfless is not appropriate for acts of kindness, generosity, charity, or even benevolence (those words alone will do just fine), because selfless literally means without self, so in order to be selfless, one must be without a self. In reality, we all follow our own desires, will, and individual drives, and our actions and desires are all selfish in the end, but that doesn’t mean none of them are intangible, spiritual, or tender (not that spirituality is necessary in order for one to have kindness).

Thus, things like kindness, generosity, charity, compassion, or benevolence, do not arise from selflessness, but from one’s own individual feelings, will, and drives, and since the Satanist values these things, then he/she can be kind and compassionate based on those things, and because he/she wants to do it, not because of some selflessness or “moral” obligation imposed by society or religion. It would also help if the Satanist is aware that it is based on his/her own feelings, desire, and will, and nothing that is externally imposed. One could also say it is done out of a desire to feel superior, or out of pride, or emotional/psychological gratification, and those are still valid reasons. Doing something because you believe in it is also valid as long as it’s not based on some selflessness.

So you see, the Satanist can be kind, charitable, or compassionate, but it is not out of selflessness, obligation, or altruism, but one’s own feelings and will. And being a total dick is not a given in Satanism. But, don’t take it as saying you have no excuse to not be a kind person. Remember, in the end, it is your choice what you do.


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