God and Satan as Order/Chaos principles


“Satan Before the Lord” by Corrado Giaquinto (1703-1765)

For some reason I had an idea that God and Satan were both Orderly and Chaotic imaginings of the principle that governs the universe. God being the perceived principle of Order for the universe, and Satan being the Chaos principle. They may be orderly and chaotic reflections of each other, but that might just be missing the point. While usually I view the Biblical god as little more than either a cosmic goblin trying to control the world, or a deranged thoughtform let loose and out to enslave mankind, this post is about God and Satan as embodied principles that resonate through or run the universe.

The principle of “God” is the principle of Order, in which the universe is governed by God, as an organized matrix in which the individual has no freedom to create his/her own structure and must conform to that of God, or the universe. This principle implies obedience and subservience to a higher power as the highest ideals.

The principle of Satan is the principle of Chaos, in which the individual is free to create one’s own structure and rules based on the raw material of the universe, and it is possible for the individual to have one’s own will and power, thus there is no order besides one’s own, and nothing rules the universe. This principle implies freedom and personal power, and that we have the potential to be gods, while Order would repress that.

Another difference between them is that while the Order would rule the universe like laws, the Chaos principle would permeate through and motivate the universe that reflects it.

I rather like this idea because it renders Abrahamism a metaphorical vehicle, and it has a very LaVeyan character to it, given how LaVeyan Satanism views Satan in a metaphorical manner. One could say the idea of “Order” and “Chaos” as a principles embodied by deities is Zoroastrian in its origin.

Don’t worry, this does not really displace the pagan, Hindu, and generally eclectic side of me, I just find Abrahamic mythology in this case a useful metaphorical vehicle, especially with regards to Satanism, and more so to my Chaos belief.


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