What sucks about being a hero in inFamous (Part 2)

Back in late December last year, I published a post about how being a hero kinda sucks balls on the game inFamous. This post is a follow-up to that, with stuff about the first game I forgot to mention, and stuff about the sequel, inFamous 2, which also has some stuff about the previous game. And once again, I must caution that there are spoilers abound, so if you haven’t played the games and don’t want anything spoiled for you, then stop reading this post and play them.

Near the end of the original inFamous, you can destroy the Ray Sphere, or use it to enhance your own power. I chose to destroy the Ray Sphere because I thought that by using it to gain more power, I’d be destroying more lives. But then, Cole goes on a rant about how “this isn’t about me anymore, this about all those lives”, which is actually kind of bullshit. On top of that, if you do absorb the Ray Sphere, you get differently coloured lightning and extended health, at the expense of being knocked down to the Infamous rank permanently, and not only do I find no evidence that thousands of lives will die from absorbing the Ray Sphere, but apparently, in destroying the Ray Sphere, you unleash The Beast. So, it turns out that it was better to absorb the Ray Sphere for more power, just that the game thinks that seeking personal power is evil.

When you import your inFamous playthrough to inFamous 2, it can affect the game in certain ways, such as adding to your health bar, deciding your initial karma, and adding stuff to the story. When collecting one of the dead drops attached to pigeons in New Marais, the dead drops whine about how I was some kind of monster or asshole, despite the fact that I literally did Empire City a service by killing gangsters who rule it by fear. But then one dead drop mentions what I did in the Historic District, involving a character named Trish. In that event, you had to choose whether to save Trish, or the doctors, and if you saved one of them, the other plunges to their death. Apparently, the voices in the dead drop thought I did the right thing and “knew the weight of all those lives”. That’s pure horse shit. I saved the doctors over Trish because I didn’t like Trish. That’s it. I couldn’t stand her. No matter what I do, she’ll criticize me for it. That’s why in inFamous I let her plummet to her doom.

In inFamous 2, there are little mini-events, and if you take part in them, you can affect your karma. Stopping muggings, rescuing hostages, and healing people brings your karma towards “good”, while whacking performing street artists, attacking protesters, and killing cops in a standoff brings your karma towards “evil”. Often, when succeeding in these “good” mini-events, the character Lucy Kuo (who is the game’s representative of the “good” alignment) will generally spout something pretentious and it doesn’t make you feel good about what is supposed to be doing good. For creating general havoc on the other hand, the character Nix (who represents “evil”), doesn’t do this, and I feel that’s a little better. And once again, in general, I’m usually the bad guy, despite going around saving New Marais from a bunch of hick fascists (known as The Militia), along with some rogue Conduits and horrible monsters (the Corrupted), usually just because I cause destruction or drain the energy of enemies, and because I don’t practice the tired, “selfless” superhero ideal or altruistic morality.

Finally, the endings. I must admit, the endings actually seem like a dilemma. For the “good” ending, you defeat The Beast and then save the lives of every normal human by killing not just yourself, but every other Conduit (superpowered human), through activating something called the RFI (Ray Field Inhibitor). But in the “evil” ending, you join The Beast’s wave of calamity and destroy civilization and most of humanity but sparing all Conduits and activating all potential Conduits. I think I’ll let you take your pick. But in the end, it doesn’t matter, since after the ending, you restart right before the ending in what is effectively a pure sandbox mode and can’t redo the end story mission. This is sort of hit and miss for me, but it does undo the point of the “good” ending.

I have nothing else to say, except with regards to inFamous: Second Son, the upcoming third title in the series. I don’t really know what’s going on with regards to story, but I can say that, while it supposedly continues from the “good” ending, the possibility of a new Conduit kinda thwarts the idea of the “good” ending, in which you use the RFI to destroy yourself and all other Conduits to save the rest of humanity. However, according to what is known about the story, it is implied that either the RFI didn’t reach every Conduit, or some Conduits have a natural resistance. But then, the game isn’t going to be released yet until February, so I don’t know for sure. I’ll just have to see for myself when the time comes, assuming I get a Playstation 4, and that might not be for a good while.

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