Weakness is the real problem

People of society, take good care to listen to what I have written here. It might just save your country, and humanity as a species.

Too often when a mass shooting breaks out, or when a young teenager hangs him/herself after abuse (usually online), we all scramble to find any cause other than our own weakness. Rather than either truly solve the problem or have the strength to ignore false problems, we instead pander to, and protect, the weakness of general humankind. We scapegoat video games, guns, movies, music, TV, the Internet, anything so long as we think it helps us get away from facing our own weakness.

In the case of shootings, often the culprits are insane, but they’re allowed to have guns and still pass through the background check. If people paid attention to that instead of trying to blame guns and video games, we might have, you know, made sure people known to be insane, let alone with a history of gun violence, weren’t able to access guns. We literally don’t have to punish everyone else, but that’s what we try to do all the time. And come on, if they weren’t insane, why did they kill themselves at the end of every mass shooting? In the case of young suicides over online comments, you could blame the nasty comments and abuse, but the real problem lies in the weakness of the teenagers who committed suicide, because, in the end, they caved in and let themselves be swallowed by the negative comments and allowed themselves to see it as the end of the world, rather than stay strong.

It is not just weakness of those involved in tragedies, but the weakness of everyone else that keeps us from being honest about these tragedies, even, in the case of mass shooters, to the point that we ignore the existence of free will by saying his actions were not his own fault. We refuse to blame weakness because we ourselves are weak, but are too scared to admit it, come to terms with it, and eventually overcome it and become stronger. We will never be stronger and more honest if all we try to do is bury our heads in the sand, or if we’re still too weak and lazy to not take on the hard solutions instead the easy way out that costs us our freedom.


2 responses to “Weakness is the real problem

  1. In the end, tama wins out over raja on this:
    After all the bitching and moaning, nothing — thankfully — gets banned.

    However, once the scapegoat is bones in the desert, the bulk of humanity is no less weak — no less willing to accept its own responsibility.

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