Inspiration from Dynasty Warriors

Generally speaking, people don’t tend to think of video games a valid inspirations of touchstones for one’s philosophy, let alone games about Ancient Chinese generals killing armies of soldiers. Thusly, this leads to Dynasty Warriors.

I enjoy the action in those games, as well as the setting and heavy metal score in those games (which shouldn’t fit the setting), but I also find there’s inspiration to be found in those games. An example of specific inspiration comes from Dynasty Warriors 6 in the form of a few conversations between characters. For instance, one between Zhang Liao and Cao Ren.

Cao Ren: “Why is it that are men so eager to spread chaos across the land? Why must all the fighting go on?

Zhang Liao: “I know why. Because men have free choice. We’re free to choose the dream we’d die for. And when you have found something to believe in, will fight to achieve it.

Later on Cao Ren says: “So when there are so many dreams,  it is inevitable that men will fight each other and cross swords.

This so relates to my conviction in free will, and teaches, or reminds me, that as long as free will exists, so will conflict, and if one believes in free will, then one must also accept conflict as a reality. There’s another conversation between Sima Yi and Cao Cao.

Sima Yi: “Foolishness! You’re saying that…the land can survive without the Han or the Emperor?

Cao Cao: “What good your knowledge do you? Have you never questioned the antique structures of the past? Take a look back through history. There are only a few instances when all the land was united under an Emperor.

Sima Yi: “So it is your contention that, the need for an Emperor comes from the imaginations of the common man.

Cao Cao: “Men can be ruled by a guiding principle. Let that be what leads them. Then the world would truly change.

Then there’s another interesting conversation between Zhang Liao and Sima Yi.

Zhang Liao: “Ohh…So it will change the land? This principle you seek? Tell me, what will happen with the common people? Is this principle just for the strong?

Sima Yi: “Don’t you see? Most of us believe that the common people lack any strength. What would happen if the idea that common people are without strength was overturned? Think of it.

Zhang Liao: “There would be no more nobles, and no commoners. So you say that everyone would have an equal chance to prove themselves?

Through all three conversations I find philosophical inspiration from, some of them as partial touchstones for my philosophy. Though keep in mind, this was Wei faction characters in Dynasty Warriors 6.

In the series in general, I find plenty of characters of all factions. who display honor and character, and general delivery, and throughout the series I am taken to a world where war is much unlike the uninteresting game it is today, and where it had honor, glory, ideals, and ambition at play, and it glamorizes war in a way that games like Call of Duty just don’t. The heavy metal just adds to the atmosphere. It’s very inspiring in the way of war, combat, metal, and martial arts.

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