Mythology, mysticism, spirituality, and religion

Let me tell you why we absolutely don’t need religion, if we have mythology, mysticism, and spirituality, and the difference between all four.

A claim often made about religion and science is that “religion was created because at the time we didn’t understand how the world works because science didn’t exist”. This is a misconception. For starters, the idea that science didn’t exist until now is a misconception, since science has been around since the first humans asked the first question or tried to figure out how to make fire. Second, we never needed religion to try and relate to and understand the world. We used mythology for that. And even today, mythology can provide a very special way of relating to and understanding the world. Whether the myths are true in this case would then be irrelevant.

Another claim made about religion and spirituality is that “without religion, there is no spirituality”. This is another misconception, designed by those supporting religion to continually lead us into ignorance and further enslave us in someone else’s dogma. Spirituality and mysticism means dealing in things pertaining to a realm of existence very different from the material plane, through which one can find truth, power, even spiritual enlightenment.

So what about religion? If it doesn’t exist to explain the world and help us relate to it, and it doesn’t exist to provide spirituality, then what is it’s true purpose? The answer is simple: it only exists for the purpose of control. Think about it, we don’t need religion to understand or relate to the world, and we don’t need it to be spiritual, so logically, religion’s only purpose is to control human life and behavior by trying to tell them what they can and can’t do and justifies it by branding their oppression with the name of “God” or sanctity. Religion is about control, conformity, and manipulation. Mythology, spirituality, and mysticism are not. It’s important that we see the difference, and realize that religion is, in the end, meaningless.


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